Nursery “Flowers” 🌻

Private academic school program | Age 3 years by September 1

bathroom trained or training | PM nap

The focus of the Nursery program is to provide academic learning, support of developing emotional and social skills, practice of independence, opportunities to lengthen focus and attention span, and foster communication and verbal skills. In our Nursery program, we combine experimentation and exploration to build higher level thinking, language, math, social, and physical motor skills with fun and challenging activities. This program strives to provide a creative learning environment for children to develop skills at their own pace and enhance their own personality. Our highly qualified, certified, and experienced teachers prepare and implement an academic-rich program that utilizes hands-on approaches and educational tools that foster positive learning and growth. It is our utmost goal to communicate with parents on a regular basis, so we provide a daily email to parents including snacks and activities. A strong appreciation for nature is developed during fun, educational walks around campus, and visits with our farm animals. Specials include Music, World Adventures, Science, Physical Education, Library, Farm, and Community Service.

Developmental Goals

Language—Recites and recognizes alphabet A-Z, produces letter sounds,  prints first name, uses sentences, recognizing basic colors, illustrates and explains, rhyming, opposites, and position-oriented words, asking questions for information, expanding vocabulary.

Mathematics—Recognizing and reciting numbers 1-20, identifying and composing shapes, sorting, extending patterns, making estimates.

Physical—Developing gross motor skills through running, jumping, skipping, galloping, hopping, and climbing, alternating feet on stairs, working on balance, developing control of fingers and wrists, pincer grip.

Mental—Thinks aloud through talking to self, others, and naming things, learns by experimental learning and trial and error, understanding cause and effect, finding alternate solutions, sequencing, predicting, develops short and long term memory, attention span is lengthening, role playing and pretend play, recalls story details, recalls full name and age.

Social—Uses words to express needs, playing with peers, sharing, works independently and with others, participation in activities, shows individuality, understands simple commands, follows multiple-step direction, follows rules and routines, transitions well from one activity to another, completely work in a timely manner, manners, understanding community roles, character development, following rules.

Emotional—Comfortable with familiar adults, accepting guidance, seeking help, working on resolving conflict, developing self-control.

Self-Reliance—Using the bathroom, washing hands, dressing/undressing, cleaning up.

Nursery classroom for school year and summer camp.

Nursery classroom for school year and summer camp.

Sample Daily Schedule

7-9 Arrival
Snack (parent provided)
Circle Time
Academic Instruction, Learning Centers, Projects
Outside Play
Lunch (parent provided)
Stories, Songs & Centers

Snack (parent provided)
4-6 Departure

We offer part time and full time enrollment for extended days 7-6, full day 9-4, and half days 9-1 for children in our Nursery program. We plan the schedules for our programs based on the full time week and staff availability. We cannot guarantee that a part time child will receive all specials and activities. Half day enrollment is limited for each program.