Grade 7-9

In addition to participating in our Merit Program, campers entering Grades 7-9 will participate in activities, events, and opportunities to build leadership skills through practice of teamwork, challenges, and instructional experiences.  

💦 Swimming is an essential element of our camp program. Campers in grades 1-9 use the full size 5 lane pool with a 3½ foot shallow end and 7 foot deep end. Opportunities to develop on personal swimming skills as well as safety skills are provided as age appropriate for each group. We do not swim test our campers. We do not use any type of water flotation devices. Personal instructional opportunities are available through private swimming lessons. 
🌲 Merit Program is part of the grade 1-9 programs and special camps for campers to achieve in areas all around campus as well as personal skills. We use all areas of our campus to provide learning opportunities for campers to explore, achieve, and grow. Campers can work toward obtaining beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of merit in water activities, sports and athletics, STEAM, animal science, farm and animal care, and wilderness areas during their summer. A merit pow-wow will conclude each day on Friday's where campers will be awarded their merit beads during the ceremony to celebrate campers who complete a merit category as well as character award distribution. It is our goal to promote positive opportunities for campers to take pride in their accomplishments, respect and support each other, and develop on character skills that build a successful camp community.