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Q: What is a snack bar account used for?
A: A camper snack bar account is used for purchasing lunch and purchasing snack bar food items. 

Q: How old must my child be to order lunch?
A: Campers in all summer camp programs may order lunch using an account. 

Q: How old must my child be to purchase from the snack bar?
A: A camper must be in the Pre-Kindergarten group or older to purchase items from our snack bar using an account. 

Q: Can I add restrictions to my child's snack bar account?
A: Yes, please email to provide us with any restrictions for your child's snack bar account. 

Q: What type of food items are sold for purchase?
A: Our snack bar is stocked with dry snacks like pretzels, chips, cookies, granola bars, ice cream, popsicles, and drinks like gatorade, iced tea, and lemonade. We do NOT sell candy, gum, or soda. 

Q: What happens to unused snack bar funds?
A: You have a few options: 

  1. Leave it in your account for future use such as:

    1. School Year Lunch Fundraisers  

    2. Next Summer Snack Bar & Lunch

  2. Request a Refund by submitting the form here (May take 3-5 days to process).

    1. Mail my check

    2. Transfer credit to my  tuition balance

    3. Pick up my check

Snackbar Refund Request

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