What to Bring to Camp


What to Bring to Summer Camp

…and what not to Bring.

To Bring

  1. A Great Attitude!

  2. Bathing Suits (Recommend 2) One Piece or Tankini that covers the midriff for Girls 

  3. Extra Change of Clothes - Even with out a chance of rain you might get muddy or wet. 

  4. Plastic Bag - to store the clothes that are wet or dirty to not ruin your backpack or other clothes. 

  5. Towel - Put your name on it!

  6. Water Bottle - Put your name on it!

  7. Sunscreen - Put your name on it!

  8. Lunch - If you are not ordering. 

  9. Goggles - for the Pool - Put your name on it!

  10. Sandals/Swim Shoes for Pool Only!

  11. Backpack or Duffle Bag to put all items in. 

  12. Specialty Sports Equipment: Golf Clubs, Tennis Rackets, Baseball Gloves, Baseball Bats, Hockey Equipment, Fishing Poles (No Hooks unless stored in box). (All of these items may be stored overnight upon student request), Equestrian: long pants, heeled shoe, helmets available to use.

Not To Bring

  1. Cellphone/Electronics - all students are able to call home if needed from the office.  There is a large chance the cellphone may become damaged or ruined due to the activities in the pool, pond, stream, 

  2. Fragile Items - jewlery, bracelets, watches, etc.  (if you don't want it to get broken or ruined.)

  3. Specialty Sports Equipment: Archery Bows or Arrows, Leather Crafting or Woodworking Tools.  We don't want students carrying them around. 

  4. No Knives, Weapons, or Illegal Substances