Entering Pre-K

4 years by September 1


During summer camp sessions, activities are planned and geared to each age group to provide opportunities for each child to experience a variety of age appropriate learning areas including water activities and swimming, sports, games, arts, music, and science.  All 50 acres are utilized to provide our well-round, all-encompassing summer camp experience.

💦 Swimming: Children in our bathroom trained programs will swim as part of our summer camp. Our 1-1½ foot deep low water pool offers children in the Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4) and Kindergarten (Age 5) programs the opportunity to development beginning swimming skills without the fear of water depth and reliance on flotation devices. We do not use any type of water flotation devices. American Red Cross certified lifeguards are always present and supervising swimming activities. For their safety, all campers must participate in morning swim skills and order to participate in afternoon recreational swim so that our water safety team can accurately gauge each child’s comfort and abilities in the water. Personal instructional opportunities are available through private swimming lessons. 

🌲 Merit Instruction is part of our young camp programs for children to gain a variety of experiences at camp. We use all areas of our campus to provide learning opportunities for campers to explore, achieve, and grow. Campers will participate in activities in the arts, sciences, athletics, STEAM, animal education, and nature during their summer. It is our goal to promote positive opportunities for children to take pride in their accomplishments, respect and support each other, and develop on new skills that build self-confidence and teamwork.

SAMPLE Activities Schedule (this schedule is not specific to any programs)
7-9 Arrival
Snack (provided)
Swim Skills
Change & Sunscreen
Merit #1
Counselor-Led Activity
Recreational Swim

Change & Sunscreen
Merit #2

Snack / Snack Bar (for purchase)

End of Day Wrap-up & Sunscreen
4-6 Departure  

We plan the schedules for our programs based on the full time week and staff availability. We cannot guarantee that a part time child will receive all specials and activities.