School Specials

🔬Science Education

Our science instructor brings the world around us into the classroom in her lessons all about nature, insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, dinosaur dig, plants and seeds, classifying organisms, observing habitats, recycling and composting, weather and clouds, and tapping trees for maple syrup. Classes will also explore and observe the physical sciences, how things move, magnetism, weight, plate tectonics, geography, the human body, bones and x-rays, testing theories, and chemical experiments. Science class uses hands many different on activities to help children understand the world around them and how it works. 

👟 Physical Education

P.E. activities will focus on the development of gross motor skills, exercise, fitness, calisthenics, strength training, yoga, stretching, team and group work, athletics, games, and large scale building projects.

🔍world adventures

Our world adventures program provides our students with a variety of ways to explore and understand the environment around them as well as our world. Students will have opportunities to develop self-reliance through personal goals and social practices while working within a team. This program will delve into various cultures as they travel the world and learn about children growing up in different countries and eras. Older classes will participate in cooking and maker’s club.

🎸Music Education

Our music program provides an opportunity for children to experience the musical arts through playing instruments and creating instruments, rhythms, dancing, sing along songs, nursery rhymes, styles of music, creative movement, and performing arts.

🎨Art Education

Art class allows our students to create and express themselves using a variety of media. Famous and historical artists like Monet, Picasso, van Gogh, and Michelangelo are also studied. Various styles of art are practiced as children design and create their own works of art!


Library time allows students to visit our school library to learn about its various roles in our lives and education. Students in our older classes will learn how to use a library, fiction and non-fiction, find a book, various author studies, and responsibility for our books. Students will spend time reading in the library during independent reading, teacher read stories, puppet shows, listening center, iPad applications, and checking out books to take home.

🍎Farm Education

Classes will participate in our Farm Education program where students will learn hands-on and up-close about the farm right here at school! Lessons are planned for each group to learn about our farm animal care, raising baby animals, gardening and harvesting produce, apple picking, farm cooking, birds and feeders, butterfly gardening, and more! *Signed permission required to participate. 

🤝Community Service

Our director of education will develop and lead opportunities for each class to support a community service project each month that helps to support our local community of fellow students and families and follows a monthly character focus. From donation collections to creating special gifts to cleaning up the garden, we want our students of all ages to connect and begin to understand how they can help support each other in so many wonderful ways, from our friends and families to our community!

We plan the schedules for our programs based on the full time week and staff availability. We cannot guarantee that a part time child will receive all specials and activities.